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What does a friendship Bracelet mean?

A friendship bracelet is a lovely decorative wristband given by one person to another which stands as an emblem of everlasting and strong companionship. Different kinds of styles and patterns can be found but most are based on the same simple half-hitch knot. Wearing a friendship bracelet nowadays become a trend throughout the world and are not only popular among the older generation

If you are searching for a gift for a companion, friendship bracelets are a sentimental option. According to various personal tastes, sometimes it will be difficult to choose an armband. But if you have a good awareness of your friend, you can easily choose a wristband. As Birthday gifts you can present gift cards, mugs, teddy bears, dresses which also great but best friend bracelets encourage deeper relationships. Best friend bracelet gift ideas are extremely popular today. Not only are they stylish, but they also embody a strong connection between the two. Friendship armbands have a huge demand because not only are they a small gift idea, but they are also mostly a cheap idea.

Friendship is crucial in every individual’s life. Most often we share both happy and sad moments with our friends. Without friends, we would be at a significant loss physically, emotionally, and mentally. Because our friends have such a magnificent impact on our lives. There are no BFF gifts better than a friendship bracelet.

Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Friendship Bracelet Patterns
Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Friendship bracelets are generally made out of embroidery floss. Yarn, leather code, fabric scraps, and other interesting materials also use to make lovely friendship armbands.

  1. Chinese Ladder Friendship Bracelet

Chinese Ladder can be also introduced as a Chinese staircase that creates an interesting twisted design using just one simple knot

  1. Jelly Fish Bracelet

The jelly Fish bracelet comes together uniquely and when you look at your dangling threads, you will realize why it is called the Jellyfish bracelet.

  1. Fabric Scrap Friendship Bracelet

Fabric scrap friendship bracelets are made out of fabric scraps instead of floss

  1. Zigzag Friendship Bracelet

The zigzag friendship Bracelets are very attractive which are more interesting than your average bracelet. Its uniqueness can steal your heart.

  1. Fancy Friendship Bracelet

Instead of jewelry, anyone can wear Fancy friendship bracelets if you have a day out or a night function. It creates a bracelet that looks grown-up.

  1. Easy Braided Friendship Bracelets

These are made out of three colors of embroidery floss. Alphabet letters and beads are added in the middle of the bracelet to put a twist on the traditional. A button is added as a nice alternative to a simple closure.

  1. The checkers

The Checkers add a little glitter to your arm party with the checkered look. These are very famous among teenagers.

  1. Diagonal Friendship Bracelet

This friendship bracelet type creates a diagonal effect. You can use any color that you prefer in making these armbands. When changing the colors, creates a unique look.

  1. T-shirt Bracelet

As the floss this friendship armbands pattern uses old T-Shirts.

  1. The Double Wave

The Double Wave is s beautiful choice for a summer at the beach.

What do the colors of friendship bracelets mean?

Colors have a symbolic value and some people believe that colors have various meanings. Here are some common meanings.

  • Red: passion, good luck, adventure
  • Orange: happiness, joy, excitement
  • Green: hope, nature, compassion
  • Yellow: friendliness, optimism, creativity
  • Blue: peace, inspiration, loyalty
  • Purple: friendship, luxury
  • Pink: affection, love
  • White: clarity, kindness, truth

History of friendship bracelets

Companionship armbands begin from Central America, to be specific Guatemala, and advanced toward the States just as of late as the 1970s. Kinship wristbands are a type of macrame since the woven examples are made by hitches. It is customary to make and give an armband to a companion as an indication of durable friendship. As the producer ties the armband onto the wrist of the beneficiary, the beneficiary can make a wish on the wristband. At the point when the armband tumbles off, it is said the beneficiary’s desire will materialize!

Making twentieth-century companionship wristbands, notwithstanding, doesn’t need a lot: simply brilliant weaving floss, sticky tape, globules, and a stringing needle (in case you’re making a beaded armband). The excellence of the cycle lies in the way that no two pieces will at any point appear to be identical. They’re each pretty much as interesting and exceptional as the individual they’re proposed for.

 What materials do you need to make a friendship bracelet?

Embroidery Floss

 The most popular and commonly used string for making friendship bracelets is embroidery floss. Anchor, DMC, or J and P Coats are most widely used in producing friendship bracelets. It’6 stranded, 100% cotton has a luster, and can be separated to make smaller bracelets.

Embroidery Floss as a material in making friendship bracelets is very popular throughout the world because of its unique qualities.

  • Good choice for experts, beginners, and children
  • Very durable
  • Won’t rip apart when knotted together.
  • Great variety of colors

Craft Thread

Craft Thread is a cheap material that is of lower quality. Accordingly, it can easily break if pulled too hard. Craft thread has no glistening aspect to it. Colors are more limited than embroidery floss. Craft embroidery thread usually comes in multi-packs or complete kits. The kits include needles, a wide range of colored floss, embroidery hoops. Because of it, the kits are popular among beginners, hobbyists, and children.

Pearle Cotton

There are several various sizes of pearl cotton that can be found. It has a variety of colors. When the bracelets braided, it looks almost textured.


Yarn is popular in making larger bracelets which is suitable for making mass production textiles, various sewing, crocheting, and knitting projects. Yarn can be made with animal fibers such as wool, silk, and cashmere.

How to Make a Friendship Bracelet

How to Make a Friendship Bracelet
A moment of making friendship bracelet
  1. Find what you need
    • Embroidery floss
    • Scissors
    • Tape or pins
  2. Measuring and cutting
  3. Determining the number of strands
  4. How to start the bracelet
  5. Start the knotting
  6. How it’ll look as you go
  7. How to finish the bracelet
  8. Tie it on
  9. Additional Stuff

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