All You Need To Know Of Having A Lady Friend

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As a boy, you must have had an unclear situation in the life regarding feelings. You might not have an idea on how to handle those things or get a better solution for them. Also, there will not be a specific age or a specific time that you might have to face them either. As a boy or a male person, you will always be a victim in case of a matter of feelings.

When it comes to the feelings related to opposite genders that is one of the hardest things to deal with. Have you ever thought of having a lady friend without a girlfriend? Have you thought of keeping a lady friend instead of a best friend? If yes, you are about to discover the thing that you were willing to know.  This article will explain everything you need to know of having a Lady Friend Instead Of a Girlfriend or a Typical Friend.

What Does It Mean By A Lady Friend?

According to lots of dictionaries, a lady friend is a female friend. Although that is what a typical dictionary can say, a lady friend is someone that can fulfill the mental needs of a man that neither a girlfriend nor a best friend can fulfill. As the simplest meaning given by a boy or a man, he can keep a lady friend for sharing sexual necessities. When coming to the longer depths of the relationship, that is an exceptionally complicated one without touching romance or passion like feelings. Simply, although a man can have several lady friends, only a girlfriend can be kept in his life.

How Can I Start A Friendship With A Lady Friend?

Unlike a girlfriend, a lady friend is someone that has an understanding about you. For example, although your girlfriend knows about more positive things than negative qualities of yours, a lady friend has to know everything of yours. If you want the full uses of the relationship, the awareness of the each person will be essential. It means, your lady friend has to be some one that has been in your life more than a couple of years. Not only that, loss of things will be needed to start or improve the lady friendship of you and her.

Get Closed To Her First

You should get closed to your lady friend as the first thing. This can be the hardest thing as your lady friend can be someone who has been in your life longer than anyone else. The most important thing about being closed is to let her know that you are about to treat her specially.

Remember She Is A Girl

Although the girl is supposed to be your lady friend, she is a girl. You have to provide the necessary manly elements to keep it fertilized. For example, the protection is one the thing required by a lady friend. Other than that, you have to become someone womanly as well which means you have to be extra careful with the sensitiveness.

Make Her Feel That A Friend Is More Important Than A Lover

Whatever the idea in your mind, you should make her feel that a friend in need is more important than a girlfriend in need. A couple of words regarding the power will be quite enough to make her feel that. Also, you have to be super careful when implying those things if she has a boyfriend as she can misunderstand you.

Share Unique Things That A Typical Boy Doesn’t Do

Although this looks strange to you, it is not. If you want to share specific things that a boyfriend doesn’t share with his girlfriend, what you should do is to remind of your best male friends. But, you should remember that revealing sexual matters with your lady friend will cost even the friendship as well. She will be ready at one day, but, at the very beginning, that will not be it.

Keep The Momentum

Now you have come a long way along with your lady friend. All you have to do is to keep the lady friendship and fertilize it with special rewards if needed. As the last thing, you should remember that taking the friendship to a next level will be a thing that you should do after considering lots of things. It will be able to let you have a perfect girlfriend as well as lose the lady friend forever.

What Are The Benefits I Can Get From Having A Female Friend?

Having a female friend is indeed more beneficial than having a  typical friend from your own gender. Since it is a process that involves benefits for both parties, you and the female friend, keeping a relationship with a lady friend will not be a difficult thing to do.

A Stable And A Calm Friend

How many times have you argued with your friend and ended up having a higher temper? That answer will be a high one of you are a socialized person among male friends. When it comes to a lady friend, it is a stable relationship. The womanly nature is something special that you might want in your life. Latest researches have shown that a lady friendship lasts longer than a typical friendship.

Improved Personality

The personality of yours is a thing that can be improved after loss of experience and the education you get. When it comes to the perfection, you need to have a society where men and women are equally positioned. If you have a lady friend, you will be able to learn lots of things from her about her point of view.

She Will Make Right Fashion Choices For You

Have you ever asked yourself, for whom am I doing fashion? Yep, you have to admit that, for ladies. Having a lady friend allows you to identify the need of a girl. When it comes to fashion, you will discover dark secrets of girls regarding fashion. Also, the credit should go to your lady friend.

You Will Get A Problem Solver

As a man, you might not be willing to solve things with the aid of someone else. Although it is a friend of yours from whom you get the assistance, there will not be a change either. But, if you have a lady friend with you,  you will get an analysis of your problem from a different angle. Probably, yu will be able to fix your problem.

Screening Your Relationships

As one of the benefits that you can get from a lady friend, you become invisible to the world as a person who has a love affair. When the world sees you and your lady friend, they will identify it as a friendship. When it comes to a moment you have a girlfriend and a lady friend at once, the world will realize that all of them are your lady friends.

Society Will Credit You

Do you know that world is looking at friends with mixed genres positively? Indie, it is. If you are with a lady friend or a female friend, social impression will always be positive about you. They will start thinking of you as a person who can maintain relationships with opposite gender and credit you for that.

You Will Be A Good Boyfriend One Day

Most of the lady friends become girlfriends and end up being the wife of men. Since lady friends get to identify both weaknesses and the strengths of men in a lady friendship type relationship, there is nothing to discover after being a girlfriend either. Even if you are not keeping the relationship to make her your girlfriend someday, may be you will change your mind. Although she remains your lady friend forever and marries another person, you are capable of handling a woman thanks to her.


  • Why Does My Male Friend Call Me Lady Friend?

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    If you are called lady friend by one of your female friends, that will be nothing to take in to serious attention if you are a girl. When it comes to a scenario when you are a girl and your friend is a male one, he must be meaning something specific for you. It can be as meaningful as a friendship beyond limits that a girlfriend can never reach.

  • Our Lady Friend And Girlfriend  Same?

    Of course it is not. A girlfriend is someone that can become a wife and end up being the mother of a couple of kids. Simply, it is a temporarily post given by a boy to a girl. When coming to a lady friend, that post given by a boy can be an eternal one if the relationship is maintained. Also, if the boy chooses a lady friend to become his partner, the relationship will be more bonding.

  • Who Is The Better One Among Girlfriend Or Lady Friend?

    Well, that depends according to your intention. If what you are looking to be the soul mate of your male friend as a girl, girlfriend will be better. If you want to share lots of life related thing as well as stick to him like forever, you will have to go with a lady friend. 

  • Is It Beneficial To Your Health Having A Lady Friend?

    Yes. It has been shown that having a lady friend allows male persons to have reduced blood pressure, overcome cholesterol issues, and throw away heart related diseases. A Californian group of researchers have conducted a research with an artificial intelligence for the research.

  • How Often Lady Friends Turn Into Girlfriends?

    According to a research conducted by a group of students in Chicago University, more than 85% friendships turn into love affairs. Also, 96% of those love affairs have converted into marriages.

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