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Being a better Christian might have been your goal in this season this article will help you on how to be a better Christian.

You are not who you were a couple of days back. Experience, things you learn, things you add to your life and many things are there that caused to make you a different person. When it comes to the best way to become a better person, a better Christian, lots of things are there that you should do. Like you already know, everything has to start with a single step which makes the attitude change has to be the number one. If you are wondering how to be a better Christian, this article will help you along with 10 things to become a better Christian

Read More And Study More

According to the Joshua 1:8 stated in the NLT version, it is said that the more you read, the more you will stay with the words of the god. It is not anything about that you misunderstand as well. If you know how to be a better Christian already, you must conduct reading and studying yourself all along. 

As a better Christian, you need to have the understanding that the Bible is not only a thing that you should read but keep studying until it reveals its precious truth to you. The thing that you read might not be shallow as it seems. The more you dive into the knowledge in it, the more you will clear your path to see how to be a better Christian. 

Stay Out Of The Worldliness

One of the things that can change your mind is the worldliness. If you don’t have an idea on how to be a better Christian, staying out of the world will bring thousands of good thoughts into your mind as well. Staying out of the Worldliness will bring blessing from god and those energies that can energize the soul of yours. If you want to know how to be a better Christian, getting out of the worldliness will have t be the first thing to do. As people, we are losing the control and get stranded in things and people who are unworthy to us.

As a better Christian, you should understand that the things in this world are capable of keeping you away from the messenger. Although you try along with the worldliness, there will not be anything that you can achieve for sure.

Make God A Part Of Your Life At Least Once In A Day

The world has become a busy place right now. Along with the things that the world is going through, every person in the world has become a busier person than they were. Therefore, finding a time for god has become a difficult task. If you are figuring a way on how to be a better Christian, you will have to make the god available in your daily routine. It is not as hard as it appears. For example, if you make changes according the way god has mentioned, that will be a better example. Even if you are not string for following the god, you may simply allocate a specific time period forgot as well. Although you are a busy person already, as a better Christian, you will have to do that.

“I’m Imperfect” Murmur This To Yourself

God is the only perfect one in the world while the rest of all others are imperfect ones. You should vebe murmuring this to your own ears to be a better Christian who is interested in flowing god.  As a Christian, you should know that you are not capable of becoming the perfect living being one day but being the best version of yours right now. God created you as an imperfect one as he knew that the rest of the things, becoming the greatest follower and being the best version is up to you. After creating you, God proved that he was the perfect one in the world while the rest of the human beings are imperfect.

Renew The Mind Of Yours

The refreshment is an essential thing that every living being must do. Sleep is one of the easiest ways to provide the refreshment for a living being. When it comes to a person who has chosen Christian as the religion, you deserve a better option, renewing your mind. According to Roman 12:2, the renewal of your mind leads to the transformation.  After renewing your mind along with the goad’s words, you will be able to relieve and release your mind from lots of things. Bad amen you had in your soul, worst fears that scared you from your childhood, and anything that brought a bad impact on your soul will leave you after a renewal.

Use A Journal To Memorize What God Delivered To You

You should never underestimate you and the progress that you can achieve with. God must be showing some signs for you from the very beginning. Although you cannot remember everything, you can start with journaling them to remind to yourself later. You can capture some unique moments easily along with a journal. When it comes to other benefits, you will be able to keep tracking the progress. How calm you are, how you carried out praying sessions, how you feel about yourself, and there will be many things for your showing. You may simply download a journal from the app stores while you still have the ability to go for the most effective and the classical way of getting from a local Christian book store in the area.

Applying God’s Word On Your Life Is Vital

Not only reading and understanding the god’s word is enough but applying it will be vital. Although there are thousands of things in the god’s words, there will not be any use of you simply resist them. God has not mentioned that reading is not the only thing to do. You can start with simple things and end up being one of the greatest students of God. If you already know how to be a better Christian already, you must have started changing your life style already.

Joshua’s last sentence in Joshua 1:8 states that meditating is essential to implement the god’s word. Although meditation is a thing that you don’t do usually, following god’s word will be a better start. Even if you are not interested in following the words seriously, what you should do as a better Christian is to make yourself available for god along with the things you do.

Pray And Fast

If you don’t know how to be a better Christian, only Pray and Fast will be enough to make a good Christian out of you.  Prayers are crucial to keep focused on God while fasting allows your spirit to be more sensitive. Matthew 26:41 was the part that Jesus stated regarding Pray and fast which need to be a part of a good Christian’s life. As a better Christian, you should have an understanding about the fasting.

How Should A Christian Fast?

Fasting is a thing that you commit to show and expose yourself for receiving god thing from goad. You might have your own clue regarding how should a Christian fast? How can I expose myself to god and various things.  As the first thing to do, you have to identify a cause to do that. After that, you should specify a time duration to do that. That will help you to identify your weaknesses and you will have become a changed person. There are few things that you should follow such a drinking lots of water, not telling to everyone, and pray during the fasting period.

Starting As A Trial

You might have your own reasons not to follow the god. If you want to know how to be a better Christian and ready to commit yourself for god, the easiest thing is to specify a time duration. For example, if you can dedicate yourself for a 30 day period, that will be a really great thing.

According to the social experiments, it is said that if you train a habit for 30days, that will last until you die. The same principal is taken into this and 30 days will be enough for you to become a better Christian.  All you have to do is to follow that have been mentioned above for just 30 days. Then after you will have become who you had wanted for your life.

Repeat What You Do

Repeating the good thing that you do is an essential thing. If you know how to be a better Christian, you must have been repeating the good amen and let the god inside to your soul already. Although you are a late bloomer, you will never be a late person as God forgives anyone who sees god in their souls. Besides, being a better Christian is not an ending task but a compliment filled with endeavors that you have to commit ;life long. 

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