How life will be bad without friends. (I have no friends)

I have no friends, How life will be bad without friends


Friends are fundamental for everyone, then that supports you to have both good mental and physical health whether you celebrate a happy moment or not. However, it is not an easy task in building and maintaining a friendship. If you have numerous friends, then you don’t feel lonely. And also raises your happiness and it helps you to reduce your stress. Friendship is one of the blessing gifts in the world. When we spend our time with friends, we don’t feel embarrassed and don’t want to pretend. We can be by ourselves in the presence of friends. Lack of friendships severely affects your mental and physical health. Researchers have proven that having no social connections could be as damaging to a person’s health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Most often a friendship depends on trust and sincerity, yet when it loses, you may gradually lose your friends. So it is hard to stay without friends.

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 How life will be bad without friends.

  1. Don’t have support in bad times

Everybody undergoes some difficult periods in life. During those times you need a shoulder to cry on. But if you don’t have friends, you had a bear alone all those things. It is hard for someone to hide pains in the heart. If you have friends, you can get advice to get rid of the difficult periods. Sharing ideas is more important like that type of conditions. Those times can pass easily if you have friends. But the opposite of it will be harder for someone. Sometimes people undergo depression and tension at the climax.

  1. Don’t improve the quality of life

Friends make our boring days full of fun. So it adds quality to our lives. Everyone passes both good and bad times. In the bad periods, our friends support us to get rid of it. So we can improve the quality of life. But if you a person without friends, no one adds meaning to your life. Without friends, it could not help you to overcome depression and so doesn’t help in improving your mental health.

  1. Abandon from active

If you have numerous friends, you can go out and play or visit. When you don’t have any friends, you will probably spend time alone in the house playing video games or watching tv. So, it affects badly on your health. You can easily be a victim of diabetics and obesity. Different activities may help you to collect a lot of experiences but without friends, it is unable to have that kind of experience.

  1. Unable to share secrets

Most often we can’t keep secrets inside us and wish to share our secrets with friends. Friends are secrets banks where your secrets are safe. If you don’t have friends, you can’t talk about your silly mistakes, family problems, and love affair problems.

  1. Decline self-confidence

Automatically you will decline your self-confidence if you don’t have anyone to support and overcome all the obstacles. When someone especially friends stands aside from you, you can easily achieve your goals. Friends will help to make your dreams come true. But it is too hard to achieve your goals if you don’t have friends. You want to struggle alone.

  1. Lose the comfort zone

It doesn’t matter whether you are with makeup or not when you are with your friends. That’s why we love to stay hours and hours with our friends. You can be by yourself when you are with your friends. Each other has good awareness about weaknesses. So don’t want to act politely in the presence of friends and have much space to be yourself. Accordingly, you can experience your comfort zone when you are with your friends. However, you don’t have an opportunity to experience your comfort zone if you don’t have a connection with friends.

  1. Lose fun time

Watching a movie or a TV series, playing video games may bring you delight but there’s a huge difference between happiness with friends and not. Gossiping about others, talking about the new movies or song releases, going to concerts and clubs, all these happen when you are with your friends. So you spend most precious time with friends. But you are unlucky to experience those precious hours if you don’t have a connection with friends.

  1. Decrease mental health

We need someone to share our problems with. It feels more comfortable and helps to overcome passive thoughts in your mind. They can refresh your thoughts with humor and fun activities. Friends are like medicine who can cure our bad times. Friends try to do their best when we face some difficult moments. Without the help of friends, it is too harsh to face hardships. So it severely affects your mentality.

  1. Decline p[physical health

Do you wish to play alone? I think the answer is “no”. Playing sports and games with friends helps you gain a healthy body. If you are playing alone, it will be boring because you don’t have any novel experience you don’t have any opportunity to move on with friends. So it will severely affect your physical growth.

  1. Social deterioration

It is hard to move on alone the society. People need company and friends are the best company one can have. People who don’t have friends seem socially inactive. The interaction with friends teach us many lessons; one learns manners and attitude one should have in a social gathering. Naturally, you pull to the social deterioration if you don’t have a social gathering.

How to nurture a friendship

I have no friends
  1. Listen to them

Everyone faces both sad and happy moments in the day today’s life. So when your friends share their hardships with you. Don’t neglect them. Think about what you can do for them in their hard times. Here you want to be pathetic on them. Time and attention is the most precious gift you can ever give to a friend. Friends always ask for help from another friend because they have a little faith in them that they can understand the real situation.

  1. Try to be an honor

When your friends share their secrets, you want to keep them private. Be true to yourself as well as this attracts more friends into your life. Everyone is not perfect. So you need to accept both the good and bad about each other.

  1. Open up

If you are an open-minded person, numerous friends will gather around you. So it is easy to build up intimacy with friends.


Friends play a significant role in everyone’s life. so you want to keep them around with you. It heals your mind

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