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  • Top 3 FAQ and answers related to an incestuous relationship

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What is mean by incestuous relationship?

There are many traditional beliefs in this world, but most of them don’t exist in this world. One of the beliefs that still exist with people is the incestuous relation. But it is uncommon to find.

Incestuous intercourse means, for instance, intercourse between a father or child or a brother or a sister, both members of the same family or siblings.

Laws in most modern societies are incest or social limits to bloody marriages. Some view consensual incest in communities in which it is unlawfully practiced as victims of crime in adults. Some cultures are spreading incest to uncontaminated families, including dairy children, step-based children, and brothers. Families of the third rank (like half-aunt, half-nephew, first cousin, etc.) Having sex differs from being discouraged in different countries from being socially acceptable.

Why people commit incestuous relationships?

Why people commit incestuous relationships

1. Some are kissing each other from the very beginning of childbirth unconditionally.

One study illuminates what makes incest relations avoidable for individuals. The research was conducted on 600 individuals and their family history and relationships studied. The study suggested that two main things trigger us to avoid sex with our siblings.

These causes are the time spent with the mother of the child at a young age and the time spent by both living in the same home. These trigger two evolutionary processes, according to the authors, that are favourable to human survival. Altruism and aversion to incest help people to succeed and prevent possible reproductive malfunctions.

2. Children under violent environment seek sibling incest with nurture.

The study explores possible causes, including abusive families, neglect, and a need to love and nurture, that could lead to sibling incest.

The author suggests that domestic violence may influence the sexual identity of the child and may have an impact on incest. In order to create a picture of how they might interact and affect each other, the author describes violent families, the concept of care, and sibling incest.

3. Some persons don’t feel any worse about an incestuous relationship

Some people spend more than 10 to 11 years in contact with their brothers. But in the incestuous relationship, they feel nothing bad.

Why? Why is it? Because most of the time, the way in which society seeks each other and the legal problems involved with such relationships are not well educated.

Top 5 real expressions about the incestuous relationship.

Let’s see what the real expressions or ideas given by people who are in an incestuous relationship are.

  • “I can’t say that I hate it or that, or that I feel guilty or that. It’s incredible, it’s hot, and I think i’m hot too.”
  • When we were both 17, I had sex with my cousin. It was consensual, and from either side, there were never any guilty feelings. We had sex only once, but I think it was because, after we had slept together, we both fell into long-term relations.
  • “After we slept together, our relationship never changed, it was over 20yrs ago, and we still talk very regularly without strangeness.’
  • “We were all girls, and we’re so going to play at home, but some of us took it very far. Now, we hardly all remember that we are young and curious and don’t care. This is life.” This is life.
  • “At first sight, it was love, the absolutely most crazy thing I ever had,”

Incestuous relationship real experiences

Let’s see real experiences of incestuous relationship,

  1. I loved my brother when I grew up. I would do everything he would say; he’s six years older than me. He’s been to me as an idol. I also had three sisters, and we weren’t doing well then, so we all slept in one room. Sleeping next to my brother, I used to.

He took my hand and slipped it in his shorts one night when I was around nine years old. I was horrified but had neither the bravery nor the caution to understand what was going on. And I actually think my brother’s never going to do anything wrong at that moment. But I gave in to appease him. I hated what was happening.

It lasted for weeks and days. Oddly, I hated it and felt terrible, but I wouldn’t have liked it.

Luckily, my sister saw one night what was happening. I was not expecting her to respond as best she could, three years older as I was. But the next day, she had me confess to her and finally told my mother what was going on.

My mother scolded my brother, and everything stopped. Things got back to normal from there, and I still adored my brother as I used to. But I was embarrassed to even at that age.

Two years later, my brother went to Dubai. It became a dark secret for me when I was finally aged. I now realize it would be fair to me and went a lingering way to shape my forgotten childhood. We act normal when he arrives from overseas, and it never happened like this. Even though it did, it was forgotten by everyone. How can I forget that, however?

  1. In the early 1990s, I began my active sexual activity at my college with my brother. It started with an accident, I started my pornographic experience by looking at printed adult colour books, and my Favorite with her sons was Kay Parker.

One day my brother discovered my books, and we found others interested in the same content. Instead of being ashamed of it, we decided to be a little liberal.

We both enjoyed this connection, and we began a fully functional sexual relationship that lasted five years. This relationship turned into casual hugs and deliberate touches.

He married the woman, and I also married. I divorced and began to live in the family of brothers, but fate took us again during a lock-up.

Incest is always filled with energy, drive, passion, and spirit.

What are the negative effects of being in an incestuous relationship?

1. Makes premature sexuality

Premature sexuality was called incest. It is sexuality forced on children who are not ready for it mentally or physically. Sex becomes a duty, often full of pain and dread. It can be dirty and dangerous. The incest survivor will have a hard time reconciling sex with love.

2. It makes depression

The customary and justified reaction to child malpractice has been depression. Survivors still have so much suffering to fight with. They have been taught to despair with the impotence and the hopelessness of their children and to complain about many losses—the loss of innocence, security, and abusers. They can be disabled with their depression.

3. Incestuous relationships are negatively affected by incest and autonomy

If personal self-reliance is a value, it grows by loosening bonds to the core of the family. It involves ‘becoming a personal person,’ from the core to dangerous, unpredictable, diverse, and enriching non-family relationships, including sexual experience.

It’s not about leaving the family but about expanding one’s experience. Incest, which closes the door to the expansion of this experience, is not an autonomy gate.

Top 3 FAQ and answers related to an incestuous relationship

  1. Does the bible accept incest?

No. Incest against moral law is expressly prohibited by the bible.

2. How can I stop incestual feelings?

  • Have partner sexually pleasing 
  • Stop reading stories from incest
  • Would it be best if you loved him/her?
  • Otherwise, you’d better have different partners (if you still can’t stop incestuous thoughts, have your partner’s permission and try your best to have safer sex).

3. Is incest a crime of the law?

In the UK, USA, yes. 


It is obvious that much more research needs to be done on the issue of sibling incest to understand the full dynamics and consequences of the breach for an individual. These issues begin in the articles mentioned above, some of which have indeed discussed possible consequences for individuals of sibling incest.

I hope you got the full idea of an incestuous relationship.

So, please bear with your county law. Always practice the right things. Even it’s the right thing in the past doesn’t mean that it is right nowadays.

Thank you.

Hope to see you soon. 

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