Love proposal to best friend (How to invite and reject)

The friendship between a man and a woman is not an easy task. It becomes too serious if one of them falls in love. Then the person who fell in love with another can not act as a friend. Most of them afraid of expressing their love towards the other because sometimes it can ruin the friendship forever. The person who loves the other automatically becomes confused about the presence of the most beloved friend. Most often people are sharing both happy and sad moments with their friends and if the friends are a girl and a boy, then there is a possibility of making Love. Selecting the best friend as the life partner will be an intelligent decision hence you have a good awareness about him or her. So, it makes it easier to live with the best friend for the rest of their life. Fell in love with the best friend is completely normal and understandable.

Distinction between dating and relationship

Signs your best friend is in love with you.

  1. They are overly affectionate.

When you are with your best friend, you become an open-hearted person before him or her. It is not an unusual and awkward moment. Usually, it is more fun when your best friend, he or she may be more romantic and affectionate towards you, than it is a significant person has fallen in love with you.

  1. Gazing at you

This is the most significant sign that someone is falling in love with you. If you notice your best friend gazing at you, it clarifies that the person has a crush on you. Sometimes they are shy to express it.

  1. They are extraordinarily more attentive

Is your best friend extraordinarily more alert and sincere towards you? If the answer is yes, then it also another sign that the person has fallen in love with you. And also try to make the mind when you face sad and difficult moments.

  1. Being jealousy

We all know jealousy or envy is a common emotion that grows up in the mind of the person. Yet if you are a friend show particular envy when someone tries to flirt or hit on you, then that indirectly shows the deep love towards you.

  1. Attentive about actions and appearance

If you have a crush, you always think of your cleanliness and appearance before that person. Think your best friend is in love with you, then they always try to be decent in front of you.

  1. Not having an interest in anyone else

People usually share everything regarding their life with friends. Mainly discuss their love-life, their secret admirers, their w crushes. When you discuss these things with your best friend who does not respond to them, then yes, they are crushing over you.

  1. Make excuses to spend quality time with you

Why would your best friends give up their free time just to be with you? It is necessary to think about the reason. If your best friend is trying and making random excuses to spend some quality time with you alone, then they are really on to something. It implies that they are indirectly dating you.

How to reject your best friend’s love proposal and still stay friends.

How to reject your best friend's love proposal and still stay friends.
How to reject your best friend’s love proposal

If your best friend proposes to you for a love affair, what do you do? If you don’t e to have that type of relationship, how do you reject a friend’s love proposal? Although the person doesn’t want a love affair with the best friend, he or she doesn’t want to ruin the friendship.

  1. Give hints

If you feel that the best friend likes you but you don’t have any desire for him, don’t respond too quickly to phone calls, emails, and tweets. You don’t want him or her thinking you are eagerly waiting to talk to them.

  1. Express your true feelings

We all know rejecting love will always hurt, whether the person is a boy or a girl. If you don’t want to build up a love relationship with your best friend, it is better to express to him or her your true feelings. Although it is hurting, you want to do so hence he or she might build a strong monument on you.

  1. Say that you have a crush on someone else

Most people don’t wish to be upset with the best friend. An easy way to refuse politely a guy or a girl proposes to say that you have a crush on someone else.

How to invite your best friend for a love proposal

How to invite your best friend for a love proposal
How to invite your best friend for a love proposal
  1. Attentive of signs of attraction

Before you propose to your best friend to have a love relationship, find out whether he or she also has a crush on you. It provides the confidence you to prepare for the situation. You want to be keen on searching whether your friend shows a different behavior or not. Suggestive changes in their behavior could mean they have developed feelings for you.

  1. Find the exact time to propose

When you are alone with the best friend in a peaceful environment, you can propose to her or him. So finding out a quiet place is very important. And also focusing on the conversation is valuable. If you see your friend at a crowded place, first of all, you want to walk to someone you can be alone

  1. Share your feelings

You can be an open-hearted person before the friend. If you like him or her, tell it without hiding. It is not polite to lie in getting more information. Honesty is the best policy and tries to respect each other.

  1. Try to ask directly

If you can ask directly, it is better because sometimes or he also hopes or that situation. Let them know that you are unconditional.

  1. Continue the relationship

After you propose, you may feel uncomfortable around them. But it takes time for both of them to process this conversation. When the condition becomes normal, you can give him or her time and space.


If you have feelings for your best friend, don’t wait to express them. Most often the best friends become true lovers in the world.

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