05 Things You Can Not Learn From A Friendship Advice Forum

Things You Can Not Learn From A Friendship Advice Forum

Being a friend is one of the achievements you can have as a man. This content will teach 05 thing that you cannot learn from a friendship advice forum.

Don’t Agree With Everything

What friendship advice forums consult always is to agreeing on everything which you don’t have to do. The most important thing is to express the real thing about yourself for others. Although it is hard to find a good friend, you will end up finding the best match for your mind someday.  You must tell your real nature, likes & dislikes, and almost everything except secrets to your friends. Then he will consider and grant you a comfortable relationship in the end.

Stay For 07 Years

One of the most crucial things you can not find from a friendship advice forum, is the length of the friendship you should keep. According to psychology, if you stick to being a good friend you will have to stick to that particular person for 07 years. According to proven cause, a friendship that lasted for more than seven years exists a life long as a sure thing.

Get To Know Of Them

According to the book, How to win a heart, there are few specific things you need to know of your friend. Friends full name, birthday, birthplace,  and the age are certain things that mentioned in the book. When it come to other things, phone number, ID number, address, and more things will be additive things.

If you are going to be a real friend who don’t follow friendship advice forum for that, you will have to know those details which you can not find any of them in a forum. A sudden and small occasion will be enough to bring results to you. When someone asks, you can answer with them instead of your friend which he will recognize.

Share What You Have Done In Past

Things You Can Not Learn From A Friendship Advice Forum
Box of memories: photos and books

The honesty is one of the sweetest words for a person who is about to be your friend. The person whom you want to be your friend might be related to your unwanted memories. Also, you might have done bad things at least once. You should reveal this thing to him/her. although they are bitter to you individually, things will be sweet memories together.

Give Them Space But Not Share Your Darkest Secrets

Giving space for your friend is one of the necessities for a steady friendship. Although it is a hard thing to do, you have to adapt to them. The impressive thing is, the more you give space for them, and the more they will give space for you from their lives.

As an individual who can do many things, you may have lots of secrets I your possession. The first thing to remember of them is not to reveal them to anyone any day. Even if you are about to be a friend of someone, you should keep them to yourself as the secrets don’t require consultation or help from them.

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